Yanhelivka | The best ratafia in Ukraine

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Янгелівка – напій, настоянка, народжена та вироблена в Україні. Вшанована світовими експертами США, Великобританії та України. Напій відтворює чарівний зміст шаленого чорного часника, цедри п'ємонтських лимонів, та ванілі з Мадагаскару. І це тільки доповнення до чарівного гатунку ангельського напою.

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Undue stuff in relations? We have a solution.

Yanhelivka (AngeLodge) – strong elite drink with the effect of an aphrodisiac on women, increases the generation of endorphins, leading to euphoria. If you need to get rid of extra stuff in a relationship, Yanhelivka will make it on your behalf. Yanhelivka awakens brood gentility instincts. A man becomes caring, reduces the control over the ‘running the world’ issues, and his passion – the significant other – releases all the natural obstacles and becomes even more charming. Resisting the charm of a lady is impossible. Those who did – lost their brood gentility. So, in the end, did he survive or die as “the last of the Mohicans”? Victory or defeat? For now, any resistance is impossible. Together we are complete. Better together.

Meals that are an ideal match for a dinner with Yanhelivka drink. An absolute winner among the choice of appetizers is the absence of any appetizers. Is it possible? Indeed so. The quality of the drink, the harmony of taste, nutritional value – all these are creating the feelings sufficiency. Thus, every natural culinary masterpiece from Chef de Cuisine, is an unrivaled and self-sufficient creation itself, with the exception of spices, which come as an addition. Say, do we ever need any side dish for a mellow pear, which is an essence of divine nectar itself?

People are picky in taste. Taste drives senses, and its component – the smell – wakes a desire. So, Yanhelivka is a final chord, meal digestif, self-sufficient harmony of a special day.

As a rule, after the first shot you are kissed by Angels. It is believed that the kiss on the temple or cheek after the first glass of Yanhelivka betrays the secret feelings or sympathy to the sweetheart or beloved one, but this may remain unanswered, if you fail to express the courtship, and pay even more attention to the object of love. Does Yanhelivka have complexion?

At the very first date with the Yanhelivka drink all five senses of demanding person begin evaluating true wonders, same when facing the previously unseen for the first time, the scientific part of any modern human starts a research…

Sensory metamorphosis of the product when in mouth, being slowly warmed with internal heat, lavish with soft, exquisite fragrance full of natural flavor, – an ineffable feeling.

Color embellishes the impression and strikes the attention of starwalker-researcher, but in the same time accentuates the involvement in the new.

But why the Angels?

Who knows from where the Angels appeared? Certainly, they were not created by us, but for us. As nobody gave birth to an angel with wings, and everyone is seeking the chance to meet them, longing for their protection and generosity. Their gifts are of great help for humans, with knowledge and conception, the lack of which we feel in the daytime. The one who is wise, he knows it already. Who does not have knowledge, he has a hope. As the Mind exists, and is there for everyone. Only the lazy one does not seek it, but finds it anyway. Rumors are in the air.

Haven’t you heard of Yanhelivka, courteous ones?

YANHELIVKA means AngeLodge. It is a residence of Angels among people, existing from the dawn of time. The Angels who are responsible for the care for the christened, with their own secret recipes of meals and drinks, full of love vigor for kind people.

An ancient recipe of homemade drink, rich in natural divine scents, originated from the abundant Ukrainian lands. It honors hospitality of laborious nation and Angels kept the recipe for the time of awakening since hoary antiquity. Many attempts were made to re-create the recipe from the good old days, but only nowadays the components which were always nearby, come together for the mutual rejuvenating and energizing effect. Generous nature saved the wave of grace for the right time, for the sons and their loved ones.

The nature of a drink is like a hundred-voiced echo, because no other crowd sings better than the one with the bespoken Yanhelivka. So, let any sadness (if any appears at all) be swept out of every home, which has Yanhelivka. And invite the Angels for the dinner, as only due to their protection the values of the long-bespoken Yanhelivka were saved, the true Yanhelivka that finally has come to us.

Kind regards to the kind people,